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The New Fuels Alliance and its partners are involved in a variety of issues related largely to the production and use of bio-based fuels and energy. The Alliance also periodically engages in targeted campaigns to identify and address challenges and opportunities associated with alternative fuels, and actively participates in regulatory and rulemaking proceedings.

Please click on the links below to learn more about our latest efforts.

Low Carbon Fuels Standard (LCFS)
The Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) is a fuel policy designed to reduce the carbon intensity of transportation (and potentially heating) fuels. California led the effort to create the model, concluding its initial rulemaking in April 2009. The northeast region is moving forward on a regional LCFS, and the federal government is considering adoption of an LCFS as well. The LCFS is a primary work focus of the NFA. Public comments can be viewed here and here.
The Alliance worked with several other experts in the environmental and agricultural fields to balance the debate about food versus fuel as associated with biofuels. See website.

Massachusetts Biofuels Program
The Alliance launched an effort in 2007 to make Massachusetts a leader in the development of advanced biofuels. The Alliance established a blueprint for Massachusetts, sponsored by Congressman Bill Delahunt. The strategy document became the basis for an agreement ultimately resulting in the MA Clean Energy Biofuels Act, which included the first ever excise tax exemption for cellulosic ethanol. View bill signing announcement.

Northeast Regional Biofuels Action Plan
The Alliance authored a northeast biofuel plan funded by the Kendall Foundation. View report. The report provided the critical first step for enaction of the MA Clean Energy Biofuels Act.

Federal & EPA Issues
The NFA is extremely active on federal issues related to biofuels. The NFA worked to oppose the attempt by large food manufacturers to suspend the federal Renewable Fuel Standard. The NFA submitted comments on the issue of higher ethanol blends. The NFA is active in the USEPA RFS II rulemaking, and testified before Congress in May 2009.

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